About us

UK CEE Mediation Consultancy

UK CEE  Mediation Consultancy (hereafter called “UK CEE”) is a community interest company based in London, established in 2014.

*UK CEE ( the “CEE” stands for Central Eastern European region) operates more specifically with UK and Central Eastern European nations – i.e. the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.



• generate a dialogue, which promotes constructive intercultural and transnational interaction leading to a greater mutual understanding between UK and CEE communities at a local level – as well as between the nations of the CEE region and the UK;


• promote international partnerships and collaborations which provide creative solutions to tensions caused by the current challenging socio political climate within the UK and Central Eastern Europe;

Constructive communication process

• utilize and develop business psychology, mediation and facilitation techniques enabling structured, informed and focused communication processes among UK and CEE stakeholders.