Mediation & BREXIT

Within a Mediation Awareness week’s events – ADR-ODR International’s Dialogue and Pluralism department was hosting a panel discussion about the opportunity to mediate the UK’s exit from the EU and a discussion of how the Brexit mediations should be conducted. As this topic is close to UK CEE Dialogue Centre’s heart, we couldn’t miss the opportunity  to meet like-minded people. We look […]

Mediation Training @ International Students House

This training is essentially an internship initiative supported by ERASMUS plus Internship Scheme conducted at International Students House (ISH). The aim of this training has been to raise the awareness about the conflict resolution competence and introduce participants (ISH residents’ advisors, Dean of Students and selected ISH staff from Front Office Departments) to some of the conflict resolution and mediation […]

Intercultural Competence training for the Community Leadership @ Walsall Council

One of the follow ups of our UK V4 Dialogue initiative is the development and implementation of the pilot training “Intercultural Competence training for the Community Leadership”. The aim of this initiative is to promote intercultural theory and methodology among managers and strategists with the view to further develop this approach to support Council’s strategical initiatives to eliminate its UK […]

Women Mediators Networks

Women Mediators Networks: From Paper to Practice
How to strengthen synergies and complementarities for greater efficiency and impact. The high-level side event aims to facilitate a better understanding of the opportunities, prospects and potential challenges that networks of women mediators have,  […]