“We help you through difficulties”

We specialise in helping  Britons and CEE citizens (coming from CEE countries – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland)  whenever there is a conflict, misunderstanding or any difficulty involving more than a one party. 

Our aim is to bring those involved to the table to find appropriate, fair and mutually acceptable solutions through the tailored consultancy, mediation and communication services.

We are helping locally and cross – borders when experiencing:

Difficulties with authorities  = problems involving authorities in more than one jurisdiction and communication with authorities;

Family difficulties  = communication /understanding issues in mixed UK – CEE families – e.g. pre divorce and after divorce period such as separation agreement’s process regarding child care and financial settlements and difficulties with social services;

Workplace difficulties = conflicts with colleagues and managers, discrimination and unfair conditions issues;

Community difficulties = intercultural conflicts with neighbours and within UK and CEE communities.