Marta Jagoda-Blaszczak ( mediator/ mediation project developer)

Marta is a certified Court Mediator and Restorative Justice Facilitator holding a Master’s Degree in Polish Law. She has been leaving in the UK for the last two years and over that time, she has developed a set of transferable mediation skills. Her main areas of interest include the following subjects: mediation strategies vs Integrity patterns, immigrants in the UK […]

Sean Risdale (director of UK stakeholder engagement)

Sean’s role at UK CEE Mediation Consultancy is Director of UK stakeholder engagement. His role is to identify and develop strategic partnerships with all sectors of UK civil society . In doing this he draws on extensive experience and connections gained in a range of key national roles committed to diversity and equality. Among these roles he was the Regional Development […]

Sona Karikova (founder)

Sona’s expertise and passion lies in intercultural mediation, negotiation and facilitation. She believes these tools are fundamental to conflict resolution, effective communication and the protection of all parties’ interests, which ultimately positively affects the health of society as a whole. Sona comes originally from the heart of Europe, Slovakia, and has been based in London for the past 11 years. Her Masters degree in […]

Alan Sharland (mediation case supervisor)

Alan has been a mediator for 20 years and is presently director of CAOS Conflict Management, a mediation and conflict coaching provider and training organisation operating mainly in and around London. He has worked in a wide range of areas of dispute, including community and workplace disputes as well as complaints mediation. His main clients are Universities and public sector bodies […]

Katarina Gulyas ( internship /research assistant)

Katarina gained both her degrees in UK, where she graduated from Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese cultural studies. As an equality and diversity officer she aimed to promote good relations and practices towards different minority groups. Currently, she is directly involved in a fast paced environment that put emphasis on neighbourhood identity and community focus in UK. Her prevalent strength […]

Eva Senkova (psychologist)

Eva has over 30 years’ experience of practice as a child, educational and counselling psychologist in Slovakia and in the UK. Eva gained her Masters and Doctoral degree in Psychology at Universities in Slovakia. Her qualifications and experience have been recognised by the HCPC and NARIC organisations in UK,  where she has lived for nine years.
“UK CEE Mediation Consultancy” was […]