For society

“Not for us but for all”

UK CEE Mediation Consultancy is specialising in the cultivation of the UK and CEE relations especially in the civil society context.

The core of our services lies in providing effective intercultural and multilateral communication strategies to build strategic partnerships and dialogue between UK and CEE stakeholders to effectively manage migration processes related to the UK and CEE communities with political oversight – on the international, national as well as on the local level.

The areas of our services include:

  • implementation and development of the UK-V4 multilateral and cross-sectoral dialogue addressing the current challenges “BREXIT” has created for UK – CEE civil society and wider UK – CEE relations
  • implementation and development of the intercultural community dialogue particularly concerning the community cohesion support between UK and CEE communities
  • implementation and development of the UK – CEE tailored intercultural trainings 
  • research concerning the education to dialogue