UK – CEE intercultural training

UK – CEE intercultural training is aimed at UK public sector such as social workers and civil services’ officers who frequently deal with the CEE cultures (CEE refers to Central Eastern European nationalities including Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic).  


  • training combines theory as well as practical methods to mediate the cultural know how, reinforce the cross cultural empathy and understanding as well as to build rapport and confidence to deal positively within the UK – CEE cultures’ interactions’ situations.


  • to understand and raise the awareness about different cultural backgrounds, behaviours and characteristics and to learn how to manage the relevant cultural differences and respond effectively to different cultures specifics.


  • be able to anticipate and predict issues that might arise when dealing with the different cultures’ (e.g.CEE) clients;
  • to learn how to deal with these issues effectively;
  • to eliminate the misunderstandings and tensions in various interactions occurring due to the intercultural differences;
  • to optimise the performance and positive outcome of the public services officers when dealing with different cultures’ (e.g. CEE) clients.


  • tailored made and delivered in a bespoke in-house training format 


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